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Apr. 6th, 2009

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I <3 Minneapolis
any city that has a crusade to get the Monkees into the Hall of Fame is fabulous in my book.

Feb. 22nd, 2005

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quote of the day:
"I am no man's ticket bitch."

Oct. 13th, 2004

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Libertines: cocaine induced fun. Random mosh pits suck, when the crowd around you is gone, thats your signal to like... move. British people within a 100 mile radius are required to go see any British band playing. Beer in one hand, cigerette in the other. I <3 The Brits. What are the odds? The moshing jackasses shove Claudia into me! Haha, i always manage to meet up with people at concerts even when it isn't planned.
Sarah and I ventured to the Paul Frank store, which for me is more dangerous than going to Iraq or riding the subway in off hours. I got an adorable bag and shit, but i want to go back and get the tights. We ate at Lombardi's, discussed how children should be shot and made plans to invade Florence.
In other news, I ruined $500 worth of Leah C hats at nylon, something about how i sent them back. So not my fault, I don't care what the fuck they say. Jamala like, totally rocks my socks. We took a two hour lunch break because we were in a "dani totally sucks, fuck her, we're not coming back" mood. We sat at an empenada place off W broadway and broome, at the bar in front of the window people watching and totally dumping on every boss we've ever had, and talking about bands. She's awesome. We made fun of everyone at nylon, and it rocked hardcore yo. Next time we're hitting up pearl.
PS-Degrassi Rocks Hardcore Yo.

Sep. 15th, 2004

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Sep. 10th, 2004

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password is antics (how original)
i dont want to pay the service charges tho, go cheap bitch.
and paul banks is in teen people my sister just showed me. I am rendered speechless.

May. 22nd, 2004

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It's elimination time, bitches!
Maid of the Mist plastic poncho? Without, you're not getting in.


Apr. 26th, 2004

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Ok, raise your right hand and repeat after me: "I ______ swear that in college:
1- I will not excessively drink to the point that i pass out and cannot recall the events of the previous night more than once a month.
2- I will not be caught using an illegal substance in any way.
3- I will attend as many concerts of bands i enjoy as humanly possible. more than two a week if necessary.
4- I will shop only on an occasional basis, or until my parents revoke my spending privileges.
5- I will in moderation, i repeat will go in moderation into any of the following stores: betsey johnson, Anna Sui, Miss Sixty, Marc Jacobs, Bloomingdales, any shoe store, any handbag store, and any vintage store. due to public demand, i changed 5 to moderation, as long as the shopping bill doesn't equal the tuition bill, we're ok! and you know, when the new seasons come out... and when i need that quick fix...
6- If i want to eat, i will get off my fat lazy ass and walk the few blocks to the store/restaurant/deli to get the food so i will feel less guilty about eating it.
7- krispy kreme, or any donut of any kind are expressly forbidden. Except in occassions of celebration like a krispy kreme birthday cake.
8- I will study a great deal for my classes, do my work efficiently, and excell so that perhaps i will not totally shame my parents and will not feel guilty when the tuition bill comes or i spend a night out on the town.
9- If i meet mary kate and ashley i will attempt to befriend them so that i may break rule 5 and have them pick up the tab.
10- I will find a hot straight unattached man at nyu, jump on him, and never let go. and if i find another one, i will jump on him as well until another female unattached friend arrives to take him.
11- If he is hot, well dressed, and walking around the village, i'll save myself the pain and reserve him for someone i know.
12- The 2nd Ave Deli is only a 5 minute walk away. I will take advantage of this.
13- I will take advantage of all NYC has to offer in terms of entertainment, sights, and art. Coney Island here i come!
14- When friends visit from out of town, I will pretend to be jaded, unexcited, suave sophisticated well dressed and cynical New Yorker that i wish to be. But once they're gone, i gawk and stare at celebrities, and wear the dorky comfy clothes again.
15- I will sit in washington square park and other areas around NYU hoping i can be in the background of some students film who will one day be super famous, and then i can be seen in their first college film that started it all.
16- I will attend Mignon's performances and cheer for her at the end, and bring her loads of flowers so she is sure of how wonderful she was.
17- I will always try and help out my fellow GSP people, and we can commiserate (spelling?) together on how much we hate GSP but the second a non-GSP person is around us, we say how wonderful it is and we LOVE it.
18- I will not fear my professors, but will treat them as the gods that they think they are.
19- I will not hide my stuffed animals in my dorm room, instead i will proudly display them for all to see.
20- I will not use lj as a means of procrastination when i have a paper due.
21- I will constantly annoy my parents by dropping in, stopping by, and bringing people over.
22- I will have too much stuff in my dorm room, but will make an honest attempt to decorate it and make it feel home like.
23- I will answer my cell phone. sometimes.
24- I will not allow people to walk all over me like a linoleum floor. Because i am not cheap, ugly, or easy to walk on.
25- My music will be played on my ipod, but there will the occassional blasting of music.
26- I need my space, Roomie, you must understand this.
27- The magnolia bakery is close by. this is a priviledge not to be abused! I will take advantage, but solely for the purpose of finding the names of cute good looking male employees.

do you solemnly swear?

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