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Ok, raise your right hand and repeat after me: "I ______ swear that in college:
1- I will not excessively drink to the point that i pass out and cannot recall the events of the previous night more than once a month.
2- I will not be caught using an illegal substance in any way.
3- I will attend as many concerts of bands i enjoy as humanly possible. more than two a week if necessary.
4- I will shop only on an occasional basis, or until my parents revoke my spending privileges.
5- I will in moderation, i repeat will go in moderation into any of the following stores: betsey johnson, Anna Sui, Miss Sixty, Marc Jacobs, Bloomingdales, any shoe store, any handbag store, and any vintage store. due to public demand, i changed 5 to moderation, as long as the shopping bill doesn't equal the tuition bill, we're ok! and you know, when the new seasons come out... and when i need that quick fix...
6- If i want to eat, i will get off my fat lazy ass and walk the few blocks to the store/restaurant/deli to get the food so i will feel less guilty about eating it.
7- krispy kreme, or any donut of any kind are expressly forbidden. Except in occassions of celebration like a krispy kreme birthday cake.
8- I will study a great deal for my classes, do my work efficiently, and excell so that perhaps i will not totally shame my parents and will not feel guilty when the tuition bill comes or i spend a night out on the town.
9- If i meet mary kate and ashley i will attempt to befriend them so that i may break rule 5 and have them pick up the tab.
10- I will find a hot straight unattached man at nyu, jump on him, and never let go. and if i find another one, i will jump on him as well until another female unattached friend arrives to take him.
11- If he is hot, well dressed, and walking around the village, i'll save myself the pain and reserve him for someone i know.
12- The 2nd Ave Deli is only a 5 minute walk away. I will take advantage of this.
13- I will take advantage of all NYC has to offer in terms of entertainment, sights, and art. Coney Island here i come!
14- When friends visit from out of town, I will pretend to be jaded, unexcited, suave sophisticated well dressed and cynical New Yorker that i wish to be. But once they're gone, i gawk and stare at celebrities, and wear the dorky comfy clothes again.
15- I will sit in washington square park and other areas around NYU hoping i can be in the background of some students film who will one day be super famous, and then i can be seen in their first college film that started it all.
16- I will attend Mignon's performances and cheer for her at the end, and bring her loads of flowers so she is sure of how wonderful she was.
17- I will always try and help out my fellow GSP people, and we can commiserate (spelling?) together on how much we hate GSP but the second a non-GSP person is around us, we say how wonderful it is and we LOVE it.
18- I will not fear my professors, but will treat them as the gods that they think they are.
19- I will not hide my stuffed animals in my dorm room, instead i will proudly display them for all to see.
20- I will not use lj as a means of procrastination when i have a paper due.
21- I will constantly annoy my parents by dropping in, stopping by, and bringing people over.
22- I will have too much stuff in my dorm room, but will make an honest attempt to decorate it and make it feel home like.
23- I will answer my cell phone. sometimes.
24- I will not allow people to walk all over me like a linoleum floor. Because i am not cheap, ugly, or easy to walk on.
25- My music will be played on my ipod, but there will the occassional blasting of music.
26- I need my space, Roomie, you must understand this.
27- The magnolia bakery is close by. this is a priviledge not to be abused! I will take advantage, but solely for the purpose of finding the names of cute good looking male employees.

do you solemnly swear?


Haha me neither! But I *LOVE* the list, definitely a good idea lol.
yup its amazing what i'll do when bored! I know i know... but.... if i look... and i see a nice skirt.... or a new raincoat.... i need to try and prevent the temptation!

I love this list!

5) Damn Moderation! Why do I not have as much money as God? (or those mentioned in #9?) Life's a bitch!
6) Very nicely put- WILL NOT gain the freshman fifteen!
11) Can I be the "Someone you know"? PLEASE!!
14) Jaded is a must. We must seem like New Yorkers at all costs. (But never forgetting that celebrities are a different breed and must be gawked at)
16) Nothing to say about this but I LOVE YOU!
19) Stuffed animals must be displayed proudly. There is no shame in cute cuddly sentimental objects!
20)Must not continue with senioritis by means of LJ
21) I will accompany you on these little drop-ins... Trump Tower! Have I mentioned I love "The Apprentice"
23) You must answer your cell phone always- I must be able to get in touch with you!
27) Magnolia Bakery is a gift from God!

Love you girl!
I love that pledge. I can't wait to explore the city!

April 2009

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