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Libertines: cocaine induced fun. Random mosh pits suck, when the crowd around you is gone, thats your signal to like... move. British people within a 100 mile radius are required to go see any British band playing. Beer in one hand, cigerette in the other. I <3 The Brits. What are the odds? The moshing jackasses shove Claudia into me! Haha, i always manage to meet up with people at concerts even when it isn't planned.
Sarah and I ventured to the Paul Frank store, which for me is more dangerous than going to Iraq or riding the subway in off hours. I got an adorable bag and shit, but i want to go back and get the tights. We ate at Lombardi's, discussed how children should be shot and made plans to invade Florence.
In other news, I ruined $500 worth of Leah C hats at nylon, something about how i sent them back. So not my fault, I don't care what the fuck they say. Jamala like, totally rocks my socks. We took a two hour lunch break because we were in a "dani totally sucks, fuck her, we're not coming back" mood. We sat at an empenada place off W broadway and broome, at the bar in front of the window people watching and totally dumping on every boss we've ever had, and talking about bands. She's awesome. We made fun of everyone at nylon, and it rocked hardcore yo. Next time we're hitting up pearl.
PS-Degrassi Rocks Hardcore Yo.



i miss you! we should hang out next week if possible. sondre lerche at southpaw??
-the other nicole
it's the other nicole again. add me!

April 2009

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