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ladra_di_vento's Journal

I feel like i'm taking crazy pills!

for relaxing times, make it suntori time.

Bluebirds are so natural I want to buy them for my friends.
Bluebirds are so dismal I want to trade mine in.

Don't worry about me honey,
I never needed anybody.

So there ain't no use in bringin no jive to me
Your southern can is mine, i'm screamin
Your southern can belongs to me

sex free minds are eating spaghetti
I am wasted but I'm ready.

If you've seen the virgin Mary call 555-MARY

Well, from where i sit , i figure the world is run by one thing and this one thing only. Panic with a dog-face, devil-face, hag-face, whore-face, panic in capital letters with no face at all-it's the same Johnny Panic, awake or asleep.
In the privacy of my one room apartment i call myself secretary to none other than Johnny Panic himself. Dream by dream i educate myself to become that rare character, rarer in truth, than any member of the Psychoanalytic Institute, a dream conoisseur.

The King of Michigan.

I certainly began to feel like a prize horse's ass, though, sitting there by myself.

I was surrounded by jerks.

I listened to their conversation for awhile because i didn't have anything else to do.

Domani sara' un giorno migliore.

I usually do it with a girl, but I can do it on my own, but that doesn't mean I like doing it on my own.--Sondre Lerche

What did I say about keeping it on the downlow?